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So you have just finished all of these wonderful tests in Mocha and/or nightwatch, and let us say by some act of dark magic they all passed. Great !! But then you added a new feature and now some tests are failing. That means you are left with the 'best job' of sifting through your terminal with all of its various colors to find out what went wrong :(

-- Enter qualitywatcher

Now, with qualitywatcher all you have to do is run your tests, send them off to your dashboard, and you have all the test data you need right there.

  Build History
  Build Calender
  Customizable Charts
  Quality Status Gauge
  Exportable Charts
  Quick Glance for total tests passing/failing
  Drilldown table to highlight all tests
  One location for all tests/builds

Check out our github page to learn how to configure qualitywatcher.

our main features
Detailed Reports
Determine the production
readiness of your application
Github or Bitbucket
Easily incorporate your favourite
repositories from Github & Bitbucket
Add team members to help
manage your projects
Track Progress
Track the quality of your
product from start to finish



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